Being Comfortable

Lately, I’ve become a LuLaRoe addict! If you don’t know what LuLaRoe is, you can be adventurous and get sucked into the amazingness that is LuLaRoe or you can trust me that it is the most comfortable thing you will ever wear. They are leggings, tops, skirts, dresses, and vests that are honestly ridiculously comfortable. I’ve been wearing them for a while–on weekends–but always solid color leggings or something with a small pattern when I’m going out in public. Today I decided to wear one of my Valentine’s leggings with a long top (to cover the back end of this oversize body). As I walked into Starbucks to pick up my mobile order (LOVE that option–but off topic), two women were sitting outside. I could hear them say that someone my size should not be wearing leggings. Well, actually, I didn’t HEAR them say it–I said it for them in my head.

Why do I worry so much about what other people think? My body was covered, I was comfortable, and I was fashionable. And damn it, I’m getting old, so I really don’t care what other people think. Or at least that’s what I tell myself–but obviously I do care. Is it guilt for saying those same kinds of things about other people? It could be. Is it my take on society’s body shaming people who are a different size than they are? Probably. Is it that I really didn’t look good and shouldn’t be wearing that out in public? I don’t think so.

I decided that if people are comfortable in whatever they’re wearing, more power to them. If you think I shouldn’t be wearing it, or you’re uncomfortable looking at me, don’t look. But please don’t stare and feel the need to make judgments in your mind because you think I should not wear whatever it is I decide to wear. You’re not me, I’m not you, I get to make my own decisions. As long as I’m happy with myself at the moment, it’s my decision. I realize I could stand to lose some weight, I realize I could get healthier, I realize I should exercise more, I realize the change would be good, but I also realize that I’m just not entirely ready for that right now. One thing I’ve learned in my 60 years is that until I’m really mentally ready to make a change, it doesn’t matter what I think I’m attempting to do, I won’t be successful.

So to the women today for whom I put words in their mouth, I’m sorry. To anyone I’ve ever mentally said anything negative about what you were wearing, I’m sorry. And to anyone I’ve actually verbally said anything negative about what you were wearing, I’m honestly and truly sorry. People are not what they are wearing–it is just decoration. While we each have a say in our decoration and it just may say a lot about who we really are, it is not another person’s task to judge that decoration. Let’s let people express themselves in any way they want to, so if I want to wear leggings in public, I will. It is so much better for my attitude to be comfortable than to be squeezed into something that might be more socially acceptable, but is uncomfortable for whatever reason. When I’m not comfortable, I’m worried more about the bulges over the top of the jeans and whether the t-shirt is covering it or accentuating it, so I’m not listening or paying as much attention to you as you deserve. That really isn’t fair to anyone. So let me be comfortable and spend some quality time with some quality people.

Here is the picture of my outfit today. Like it or not–I don’t care. And that’s new for me. But today I made the choice to live my life for me and not necessarily for anyone else–and that’s a really comfortable place to be.


3 thoughts on “Being Comfortable

  1. Michelle B

    First of all, you look adorable in your outfit. Secondly, you need to love you for you…All of you, exactly where you are and don’t worry about what other people might think. The truth is if they are thinking like that, they are probably insecure in themselves and are not secure in who they are inside. If you decide to make healthier choices or changes to your lifestyle make sure you do them for that reason, but whether you choose to make changes or not, your value is not in your body shape or size.
    For a long time I wouldn’t wear any prints, I thought I needed to wear black to make me look slimmer. I had a good friend who gave me a new perspective with one little sentence. She told me “A barn painted black is still a barn, but it looks much better in red.” To me that little statement spoke volumes. I chose at that point to enjoy what I dressed my barn in, so to speak.
    Enjoy how you dress your body, have fun with it, be comfortable and beautiful, because of you are happy you will shine and probably look good in whatever you have on because your inner beauty will shine through! 😉

    1. Post author

      Thank you so much! I love the barn analogy and look forward to many shades of “red” from now on!!!

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