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Knocking The Shout Out Of You

Knocking The Shout Out Of YouI was listening to Oprah’s Super Soul podcast with Tim Storey. One specific thing he said jumped out and hit me between the eyes–“Don’t let life knock the shout out of you.”

I believe we are all put here to make a difference in this world, to figure out why we are here, to live with passion for the good in life. That is our shout. Sometimes we forget our shout or we’ve been told to tone our shout down enough times that we actually do and it’s hard to dig deep and find it again. But find it we must! We are all born with a shout inside us that we use to make friends, find our passion, volunteer, experiment, travel–all the things we do as we’re finding our place in this world.

Some of us may have had the shout stuffed back down into us, beaten out of us, ignored, ridiculed, squashed, and basically had the development of our shout halted in mid-stream. If that happened to you, realize that it happened and then move forward. Bring your shout back into your heart and work on living your life shouting. Don’t stop working to find your shout and once you find it, shout as loud as you can for as long as you can until your shout feels free to do its thing and shout away even when you’re not thinking about it.

So starting today find that passion, dig deep and find your shout, and then SHOUT and don’t let life knock the shout of you again!