Say Cheese – Again!

imageOne thing that I’m not great at is remembering to take pictures. I love looking at pictures and I’m lucky enough to have friends that document most of our interactions but I’m bad at remembering to take pictures of other important family events.

When people give me gifts that include pictures, it means more to me than any amount of gift card. Pictures are something that you can’t recreate exactly. It is one thing that is irreplaceable.

With our phones that have great cameras that are with us almost constantly, it is crazy not to take pictures of important events. So whip that camera out and take pictures of everything. You can always delete the ones you don’t like (but be careful about deleting pictures that you think embarrass you because you can’t get them back) but you need to take the pictures to be able to make any kind of decision about them.

So go out, live a fabulous life, and document it with pictures. You and the people who love you will never regret it!

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