Be Kind

BE (4)There is one thing that is not at all difficult and makes a huge difference–being kind. Be aware of what’s going on around you, and the people around you, and what you could do to be kind. Can you give a smile to someone who needs one? Can you slow down and open the door for someone behind you? Can you help someone who is struggling with a load? Can you just be kind?

I saw this video on YouTube quite a while ago and rewatch it fairly frequently. I love the message–be kind without expecting anything in return and you will receive untold riches in return. By “riches” I don’t mean money, but riches in the form of the feels. Things that will make you smile and will do your heart good. My favorite part of the video is the other people who thought he was crazy for doing all he is doing. But his reward was worth it to him–and would be to me. So let’s go out and be nice without a motive!

Here’s the link to the video –

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