Let It Begin With Me

Let It BeginWhen I think about world peace, I often wonder why we can’t be like children at play. When they are playing, children don’t care what color you are, if you are differently abled than they are, if you have money, a good job, a nice house. They don’t care if you even speak their language.

Several years ago a friend had a son and grandson visiting from Germany. The grandson didn’t speak English and my grandchildren don’t speak German. But somehow they managed to spend hours playing together, laughing, chasing, sharing.

I’m trying to be more like children at play. But it is hard as a grown up. Too many of life’s “moments” have had an impact. Too many bruises and hurts from others have built a wall. Too many lies heard in the news and from others have hardened me.

Think about what a great world it would be if we could all love one another without any of the protection from hurt we have armed ourselves with. If we could just play without worrying about anything. Where someone else’s color, religion, disability, gender, or intelligence didn’t matter one single whit. Children are extremely adaptable and if someone can’t keep up with them, they will be the first to slow down and help. If someone doesn’t know how to play, they will teach them. If someone is afraid, they will calm them. If someone doesn’t understand, they will explain it again and again until they get it.

I know I’m thinking of the perfect child in the perfect world because even children these days aren’t all like that. But that’s because they’re learning bad behaviors from the rest of us. They see us being impatient, so that’s what they learn. They see us being frustrated, so that’s what they learn. They see us being bullies, so that’s what they learn.

We need to seriously think about what we’re teaching others. And not just children. People are watching you almost all of the time. And then they are emulating you. Are you behaving in ways that should be repeated by others? If not, change how you are acting. Change your attitude. Change your life.

Let’s go back and start over and be like children at play where everyone is welcome, everyone is valued, everyone is cherished, and everyone matters. That sounds way more fun to me than the way we are playing now. Wanna play?

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