WordsWords are powerful. You can say the same thing in two different ways with completely different reactions. Try to make your words positive. Words can be hurtful–whether you mean them to be or not–so watch how you say what  you want to say.

If you need to have a difficult conversation, think about what you want to say. Don’t just launch off while you are upset. That will only serve to upset everyone. And people tend to turn off their ears and focus on the hurt when they are upset. You can get your point across and be nice at the same time. Then both people leave with the message that they actually heard because you didn’t verbally attack them.

It also means you should use your words to ask for help, give help to others, and build others up. Don’t use your words to bully people.

I saw this video several years ago with one of our keynote speakers at a NALS Conference and rewatch it from time to time. It speaks volumes about the power that words have. Watch it and keep its message in mind the next time you open your mouth and use your words.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpVSeV_V1ug


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