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DON'TBefore I get started on today’s topic, this is the halfway point for what I had planned to do with this blog. If anyone out there is reading it and enjoying it, let me know and I may continue after I turn 60. I enjoy writing it and hope some of you have enjoyed reading it. It won’t be daily, but perhaps once a week. Just leave a quick comment below if you would read an old lady’s rantings for a while longer. Now, on to today’s post:

I am constantly struck by how stingy some people are, particularly with service professionals and wait staff. I’ve been in a nail salon where someone left a $2 tip on a $30 bill. Hair dressers, nail techs, aestheticians, and other service professionals have had schooling and other training to do well at their chosen profession. Tipping is important to show your appreciation for their expertise. Obviously, if you hate what they’ve done, perhaps you won’t tip, but I have not had that kind of experience. I appreciate the time they spend making me feel pretty and their knowledge in what will work with me and my lifestyle and preferences. I think at least 20% is a fair tip and often give much more than that to show my appreciation to them. One of the advantages of being a good tipper is extra good service–sometimes getting fit in at odd times that work for your crazy schedule, sometimes some extra glitter, sometimes a discount on product or service. But always appreciation for recognizing their expertise, and expertise it is. My beauty patrol (and it takes a whole lot of them!) are each experts in their field and are great at doing what it takes to make me look (and thus feel) good.

With respect to wait staff, I tip at least 20%. If you sit and watch them work, for the most part, they work their asses off and deal with incredibly rude people for their entire shift. If they are particularly attentive and nice, I could tip a little bit more.

I have never had a wait staff job, nor have I had to work in the beauty industry. I honestly don’t think I could do either. I have an extremely low tolerance for stupid and mean people and the first time someone yelled about something I have no control over, I would be done. So I have extra respect for those who can put up with that crap–and keep a smile on their face.

Don’t be a cheapskate. If you don’t have enough money to leave a decent tip, perhaps you shouldn’t be getting that service or eating at that restaurant in the first place. This is their chosen profession and they deserve to make a decent wage–just like you do.

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