Read to Me!

imageWe all know that spending too much time watching television is not good for us. But do we stop? No. How else would we fill the time we spend watching TV? We could clean house (never my first choice!), we could play games all night on our electronic device of choice, we could actually talk to someone, or we could read.

I feel like reading isn’t as important as it used to be. Do kids even still do book reports at school? I’ve said before that children who read develop into adults who are more intelligent. And I don’t think it matters WHAT you read, just that you read. The editorial process seems to be such that the rules of grammar are followed (for the most part) so you are learning how to use our language. In addition, you are probably learning something. Even some fiction can at least develop your interest in another topic that could lead you to reading more non-fiction about that topic. For instance, I “read” (actually I listened to it through Audible) the entire Outlander series and I have developed a bit of an interest in Scottish history.

You can also read motivational books or articles to help you get out of your own way, you can read short stories to help you realize how blessed your life really is, you can read newspapers and magazines to keep you in the know about more current events.

Reading is important or, said in a much better way, Reading Is Fundamental. That is one of the best advertising lines in history because it IS fundamental. How can you cook if you can’t read a recipe? How can you solve a math problem if you can’t read the details about how many donuts Susie has and how many bananas Joey has? How can you do just about anything if you can’t read the instructions for it? Reading is important!

Before your children can read for themselves, you should read to them. And you should read to them regularly. Then let them see you reading! They will realize that it is important to you and something they should do while they are spending their time being your best copycat. Keep taking them to the library or a bookstore and let them choose a book or two. Most libraries have programs for kids. Enroll them! Praise them when they read. Ask them to tell you about the books they’re reading. Get them to talk about it and let them know how proud you are of them.

Even a few minutes a day is a good way to give yourself a “break.” And you deserve one! If you have much of a commute at all, audio books are a great way to “read.” But I will warn you–be very careful! I listened to one audio book and got to the end of the book on the way to work–and ended up crying and messing up my makeup before I even got to work. But I’m very much a person who inserts myself into the story so whatever is happening is happening to me (maybe that’s one reason I loved the Outlander series so much!)

The only downside to reading is that you may end up staying up to late, foregoing other activities, and avoiding humans so you can get back to reading more quickly. Just READ! Your life will change for the better.

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